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Inbound SEO: Social Media & Link Building Techniques

SEO Strategy

Benign Link Building Techniques

While there are many different link building techniques, choosing the correct strategy is imperative to avoid the risks involved with running a Black Hat SEO strategy. Benign link building techniques play a major part in online success. Social SEO & inbound SEO play an integral part in US SEO's search engine optimization strategies.

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In order to establish good link building techniques, one must first be familiar with the definitions of key terms, such as 'Inbound SEO' & 'Social SEO'

What is 'Inbound SEO'?

Inbound SEO includes any search engine optimization which directs traffic & search engine crawlers to a website or specific web page from an outside source.

Web 'crawlers' - programs created to catalog and index content on the internet - largely base their ranking of a web page on the number, quality, and 'anchor text' of links to that site. (Anchor text simply means the highlighted text which links to a specific page. The text "Link Building Techniques" would be an example of this.)

The more high quality inbound links a site has, the greater its impact on search engine's algorithms. With that in mind, you do not want to go out buying hundreds of links from Black Hat SEO websites - also known as 'Link Farms.'

In fact, link farms can have a negative effect on your websites ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). Your links should appear on pages which logically would link to your site.

In other words, it would make sense for links to a fishing equipment website to appear on a blog about hunting; however, it wouldn't really make sense for the fishing equipment link to appear on a website which focuses on the newest cell phone technology. It would make even less sense for the fishing equipment link to show up on a web directory created for bootleg streaming television shows - the exact place where some Black Hat link building sites will place your links.

Moral of the story: Be careful.

Social SEO

Social SEO, also known as social media marketing or social media search engine optimzation, is a form of inbound SEO which utilizes the power of social media to promote a website to both users and search engines.

Search engines, like Google, Bing, & Yahoo (and even China's Baidu), have been using a website's number of 'Likes' 'Followers' 'Retweets' and '+1s' to assign its rankings. Google spokespeople have even announced that the Google Plus approvals will be playing a greater and greater role in website rankings.

US SEO's Link Building Techniques

At US SEO, we utilize a unique combination of link building techniques. We make sure that your site's links show up in all the right places and none of the wrong ones. Don't fall prey to shady or black hat link building strategies, and contact us now.

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