It is currently speculated that, with more than 24,250,000, Barack Obama Facebook likes ranks in the top 50 of ALL fan pages. In fact, Obama beats out a slew of surprising contenders by a long shot. Dwarfing such fan favorites as Twillight - both the book (13,400,000 likes) and the movie (2,750,000+ likes), Barack Obama Facebook likes even make McDonalds (Less than 12 million Likes) look like White Castle.

Okay, I didn't get that joke either.

In any event, there's something to be said for Obama's mastery of the social network, a skill that some say may have swung the election in 2008. While Barack can boast an amazing 24 million+ likes, the top 5 republican candidates equate to a combined 2.67 million - barely over 11.01% of Barack Obama Facebook likes.

Facebook Likes by Candidate

Barack Obama's Competition for Facebook Likes

Find a graph of the various Facebook likes across presidential candidates above.

  • Candidate
  • Obama
  • Romney
  • Paul
  • Bachman
  • Gingrich
  • Perry
  1. Facebook Likes
  2. 24,250,000
  3. 1,211,000
  4. 617,000
  5. 459,000
  6. 209,000
  7. 173,000

So what does this mean for the upcoming elections? Well, nothing really. Not only are these statistics open to non-US citizens, but Facebook users are in no way representative of the American population. In fact, the demographic of the average Facebook user also happens to be one of the least likely to make it to the polls on election day.

At the end of the day, it's important to keep in mind that regardless of which candidate you like, you'll be backing somebody who people like more than breathing itself (170,610).